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Hi, I'm Ashleigh Fechney; a "people focussed" employment advocate who is based in Wellington, but who provides services for employees and employers New Zealand wide.

What sets me apart from other advocates is that I am legally qualified. I have achieved Masters of Law with Honors, and have been admitted to the bar of barristers and solicitors. I am also a member of the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand. However, I have chosen not to pursue a career as a lawyer, but rather as an employment law advocate.

Why? It’s simple. The costs associated with engaging a lawyer are sometimes so high that people cannot pursue their grievances. I want to change that. I believe that every person should have access to employment law services, irrespective of their financial situation.

Employee Representation

For employees, I provide “No Win, No Fee” employment law services. This means that, unlike traditional law firms, you are not required to pay any upfront costs to pursue your personal grievance. In fact, in most cases, you will only be required to pay me if I win you a settlement as a result of your claims.

However, Some situations are not about winning and getting a settlement. For example, you may need representation at a disciplinary meeting, or assistance through a restructure process. In which case, I provide a fair and ethical pricing structure.

Signing a Contract

Employer Representation

One misconception is that I am a primarily "employee" focused advocate. This is not true; rather, I am a "people" focused advocate. 

I don't want to be the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff." As they say, prevention is better than the cure. In this situation, legal representation is better than a settlement. 

Employers, I can assist you in preventing, and defending, personal grievances. I provide reasonable pricing options; including negotiable fixed-fee alternatives.

Employment and Immigration Law

I've teamed up with Immigration Lawyer, Lauren Qiu, to provide you with expert immigration and employment advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We take a collaborative approach, with the aim of providing you all relevant information in one forum.

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Employment Law Blog

Keep up-to-date with employment law issues by following my blog posts. 

My aim is to make employment law information accessible for all, by providing comprehensive employment law advice, in a simple and effective manner.

My articles have featured both in legal journals and in the media; you certainly don't want to miss out. Subscribe now. 


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