Employer: Fee Options

As I tell my employee clients: Costs should never be a barrier to receiving quality legal advice. I promote "access to justice" with ethical-based pricing options. In providing transparent fee structures, I aim to assist you in your decision-making process. 

I am a "people" focused representative. The law doesn't change whether you are an employee or an employer; and neither does my advice. I don't make the law, but I can help you navigate it.

I provide a "no bullshit" approach to employment law; providing you with legal, pragmatic and realistic options for managing your employment relationships.

Business Meeting

Option One: Free Initial Consultation

I recognise that sometimes, employers simply need a steer in the right direction. For this reason, I provide a free initial consultation to discuss employment issues.

In these conversations, my aim is to provide you with the tools you need to make an informed decision about whether you are able to handle the situation yourself, or whether you should consider seeking legal representation. 

If you require further representation, you can choose to engage me. 

Option Two: Hourly Rate or Fixed-Fee

An hourly rate option will be appropriate if you require representation during the employment relationship.

This can include representation at a formal meeting, or if you require a letter drafted for your employee. 

The average rate for employment law services can range between $300 - $500 + GST.

My hourly rate is $200 + GST

At my discretion, I may agree to a fixed-fee for the work required. Fixed-fees can give you certainty of costs, which will allow you to better budget for your situation.

If your budget is tight, we can talk about it. I don't often charge for short phone calls or emails, like other representatives. I am a quick and efficient at what I do; recently providing a response to personal grievance for only $320 + GST.


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