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Legally Qualified

What sets me apart from other advocates is that I am legally qualified. I have achieved Masters of Law with Honors, and have been admitted to the bar of barristers and solicitors. I am also a member of the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand, and am an approved provider of legal aid services.

The costs associated with engaging a lawyer are sometimes so high that people cannot pursue their grievances. I want to change that. I believe that every person should have access to employment law services, irrespective of their financial situation.

Employee Representation

I provide “No Win, No Fee” employment law services. This means that, unlike traditional law firms, you are not required to pay any upfront costs to pursue your personal grievance. In fact, in most cases, you will only be required to pay me if I win you a settlement as a result of your claims.

My employee clients choose me because I am down to earth. I did not come from a privileged background; instead I was mostly raised by a single mother. I know how much $100 means to a family, and I pride myself on being the working man's representative.

You can trust me because I understand.

Employer Representation

Small employers also deserve access to justice. I understand that it can be costly defending a personal grievance; and I do not believe it is fair and equitable to settle a claim simply because it is cheaper than continuing to incur legal costs.

My employer clients choose me for my "no bullshit" approach. There are many ways to eat a kiwifruit, so to speak. The legally safe option may be expensive and burdensome. Instead, let's discuss some pragmatic and practical resolutions which benefit both parties. 

I value the importance of money, and I won't let you unnecessarily waste yours. 

Speaking with the Judge

Reported Cases

Douds v Oasis Network Incorporated

[2021] NZERA 167

Rayner v Director General of Health

[2019] NZEmpC 65

Tritt v Dunrite Drainage and Landscapes

[2019] NZERA 727

Fechney v Spark Trading New Zealand

[2019] NZERA 292


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"Ashleigh is the best advocate you can have on your side, please I encourage all of you that need employment issues to be sorted, go to Ashleigh..... highly highly highly recommended her to all she truly is fabulous " - Kylie U


I am a proud sponsor of ADHD New Zealand

I also regularly donate to UNICEF, Doctors without Borders and Forest and Bird

Hoping to make the world a better place: one step at a time.


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