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Costs should never be a barrier to receiving quality legal advice. I promote "access to justice" with ethical-based pricing options. In providing transparent fee structures, I aim to assist you in your decision-making process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information on any of the fee options. 

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Option One: Free Initial Consultation

I want to empower you to resolve your own employment relationship problems. For that reason, I provide an initial free consultation to discuss your employment matter. 

I am happy to provide initial advice on a range of areas, with the purpose of giving you the tools you need to succeed. 

If you require further representation, you can engage me on any of the other options.

Option Two: Hourly Rate or Fixed Fee

An hourly rate option will be appropriate if you require representation during your employment relationship.

This can include representation at a formal meeting, or if you require a letter drafted for your employer. 

The average rate for employment law services can range between $300 - $500 + GST.

My hourly rate is $200 + GST

At my discretion, I may agree to a fixed fee alternative. The fixed fee option can be a great alternative for clients who prefer to have certainty of costs.

Contract Review
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Option Three: "No Win, No Fee" for representation at meetings

If you require representation in your employment for a performance, disciplinary or restructure process I may offer a "No Win, No Fee" structure where I believe the circumstances to be unfair and unreasonable. 

In these circumstances, you may be offered a "No Win, No Fee" option, whereby:

  1.  If you retain your role, you will pay an agreed price which will be fair and reasonable, and will reflect the work completed. As an indication, basic representation could cost as little as $500 + GST.

  2. If you do not retain your role, you will not be required to pay a fee. Instead, I will continue to represent you and will raise a personal grievance under the "No Win, No Fee" option described in "Option Four."

This option is available for employees in the greater Wellington region for in-person meetings, and for employees nationwide for Zoom or video-conference meetings.

Option Four: "No Win, No Fee" for pursuing a personal grievance

Most "No Win, No Fee" advocates charge 1/3 + GST of the final settlement; however, I take an ethical approach to contingency fees. Instead, my fee is the lesser of 1/3 + GST of the settlement or a fixed fee.

The fixed fees are:

  • Maximum $1,500 + GST if the matter is settled after a personal grievance is raised. 

  • Maximum $3,000 + GST if the matter is settled at mediation.

  • If the matter progresses to the Employment Relations Authority, then I will only charge the costs that will be awarded.

If the fixed-fee amounts to more than 1/3 of the total settlement, then the total fee will be adjusted to reflect 1/3 of the total settlement.

Please note that I always endeavour to recover legal costs as part of any settlement.


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